Most of us seem to think we need to hide behind a mask to be accepted by society, our friends, our partner and to some extent, even ourselves!

We work really hard at applying different layers, to cover up our imaginary flaws. We have this idea we need to wait for or fix something in order to be ok, or take our masks off.


“When I have enough money I’ll be alright.”

“When I have my business up and running I can relax.”

When I loose 10kg’s I’ll be able to find love.”

“When I’m less stressed and have my life worked out, I’ll be able to do what I want.”

“When I’ll get more confidence I might show my vulnerable side.”

Until then, I’ll just hide behind my mask.
Because what would people think, and how would they treat me, if they only knew who I really am??


What a scary thought!!
For some it is.


So we keep on adding things to fix ourselves or at least cover up. A new car, a bigger house, a designer handbag, another holiday to show photos from. Keeping that facade up. The mask “safely” on.

But hand on your heart, how is that working for you?
Does it sometimes make you feel empty, exhausted or stressed?

We are lead to believe we must fix ourselves, we must work on ourselves, we must find ourselves.
What so many have missed to see is that we never even lost ourselves in the first place!
We just thought we did!
We innocently believed the idea that we needed to be better, we needed more, or needed to get somewhere to be accepted or happy.
When the simple solution is we actually need less and we are fine just the way we are.

So at least consider the option of taking your mask off. Or peel off a few layers.
If it feels a little scary, I can be there to help you through the process!
Together we can let the beauty of being your true self emerge and explore the freedom that comes with it!

Want to start right away?
I am offering a 3 session transformative coaching package deal for AUD $300(at the value of AUD $450) if you pre-pay before November 30th.
Get in early and start your transformation before the Holiday season.


with love,