“Working with Veronica you will find a warm, generous and positive woman who makes you feel – “Yes it’s possible”!”
-Annika, Sweden


“Just a few short and intuitive sessions with Veronica took me from a fear-laden, overwhelmed single mom working tons of overtime and barely scraping by to a confident and centered business owner. She helped me see immediately that my fear and tendency to hide and play “small” was robbing the world and the autism community of my gifts. By helping me focus on service to others, I overcame the fear of feeling like a slimy sales weasel when I charge for my services. My sessions with her were the exact kick in the booty I needed to get my business off the ground, because if I waited around until everything was “perfect” I’d never be doing what I love. Thank you!”
-Debi, USA


“I have worked with Veronica over more than 2 years now, both as mentor & coach and recently as a fellow student in the US. I have seen a tremendous change in Veronica’s work and the way she continuously moves forward.
She is a very warm person with an extensive airline background and has a true professional way of dealing with people. I can see that she is bringing this into her grounding and with that she has built a solid platform to help, transform and encourage any person who is ready to take action and change their lives. By working with Veronica I am sure that you will discover one of the best persons there are to point you in the right direction best suited for you.”
-Warmest wishes Jan-Ove, CEO InZight AS & Professional Transformative Coach


“I came to see Veronica with a goal to optimise certain elements in my life, and learn tools to strip away the everyday busy-ness that seemed to stifle my creative thinking.
Veronica’s engaging and warm style combined with subtle and effective techniques demonstrated the power of my thinking, and became part of how I viewed opportunities and challenges with a new sense of freedom.
6 months on, and I thank her for showing me how to unleash the new creativity I sought, even during life’s inevitable tricky parts.”
-Suzanne, Australia


“I met Veronica in March 2016 when I was going through a fairly acrimonious divorce which was made worse because I live in Singapore and my ex and young children live in Sydney. From the first time I met Veronica, I felt that here was someone who was not in the least bit judgemental, who was a great listener and had wonderful empathic skills.

Even though I only see Veronica on the occassions when I visit my children, she is always available to chat to me on the telephone. During our conversations, she has always helped me to make sense of my situation, not by placing blame but rather by allowing me to see the glass being half full rather than half empty.

I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone whether they are going through difficult times or simply need a different point of view to work with Veronica. She is amazing at what she does and one of the nicest people you could possibly meet.”
-Richard, Singapore


“My husband and I had been trying for a baby for about 6 months but with no success. I was healthy, lead a stress free life, took all the right supplements, monitored my ovulation carefully, so it didn’t make sense to me why I didn’t fall pregnant. After a conversation with Veronica it all of a sudden made perfect sense! We talked about psychological blockages, acceptance and most of all about my fears. I realised that what I feared almost as much as not having a baby at all, was to go through the emotional stress of IVF. After our conversation I faced my fear and made an appointment with an IVF clinic. It was a 3 month wait to see the specialist, but luckily I could soon cancel that appointment, as I fell pregnant naturally that cycle. Today I have a beautiful little boy and I’m expecting a baby girl in 6 months time! Thank you!”
-Marie, Australia


”I absolutely love my sessions with Veronica! Our sessions are filled with an amazing sense of connection and compassion. I have experienced many beautiful insights.”
-Nicole W, Australia


“Veronica is a very special woman! She is passionate about women transforming their lives, so that they can be the very best version of themselves. Her beautiful spiritual presence is balanced with a practical, clear approach to her work. Veronica is an amazing Reiki Master and Coach. In the 2 and a half years that I have known her, I have learned a lot from her – in particular, how to nurture and bring forth my Inner Goddess! Thank you for your amazing presence Veronica, and for being such a positive and inspiring woman to whom I look up to!
-Nicole, Australia


“I cannot be more grateful to have come across this magnificent woman! Her spirit, professionalism and wisdom, completely changed my life in regards to how I feel, think and live.
Thank you Veronica for all the valuable lessons we’ve had together. I am so much happier, healthier and more content in my life nowadays. I truly recommend anyone to book sessions with Veronica, because it will transform you and your life in a new direction. The only direction that is forward, for a happier and healthier life!”
-Christina, Sweden


“With Veronica’s help I managed to get through a very stressful personal situation I was facing earlier on this year. She introduced me to EFT – Tapping. Her skilled coaching easily got me through the anxiety I was feeling. It has transformed me into a much less stressed person. She has also given me some invaluable tools to assist me in managing any other stressful situation that may arise, both on a personal and professional level!”
-Karin, Dubai


“Veronica s coaching sessions leave you feeling fabulous! She is an intuitive and insightful coach and has the knack of quickly getting to the heart of the matter and beginning to turn things around for you. She has lots of tools to draw from and uses them to great effect and imparts ideas freely from her wide ranging knowledge. I have found sessions with Veronica profoundly helpful in freeing myself from limiting beliefs in a number of different areas of my life and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking to break the mould and really begin to shine!”
-Claire, New Zealand


“Veronica helped me alleviate the anxiety and fears I was carrying when becoming a widow after 42 years of marriage. During our sessions I have overcome fears and negative beliefs I have carried for decades! Without her help, I would never have been able to transform into the much more confident and calmer person I am today, ready to face to world on “my own”! Thank you!”
-Karin, Sweden