Welcome to Inner Genius Coaching with Transformative Coach Veronica Bouveng.

As Inner Genius Coaching saw the day of light only a few days ago, I’d like to share the story behind it!
Let’s start from the beginning shall we?

A few years back I went through divorce and became a single mum of two gorgeous very young daughters. I worked as a sales executive for a major Airline, and I was struggling to combine single motherhood with a demanding work load. I became more and more stressed and I didn’t really enjoy my life situation.
My inner wisdom kept pointing me in another direction, but I was, truth to be told, a little afraid to follow my wisdom at first. Well-meaning family and friends were horrified every time I brought up the subject of resignation.
– Oh no! You have two young children to provide for! You cannot just quit working! What will happen?

And that was it, I didn’t know what would happen, however I had this strong feeling inside, it would all be fine, regardless!
So I went ahead, I resigned from my permanent employment, the safety and stability many people dream of. And I tell you, I have never felt so free and good in my life!

And from there, a place of unknown, a new chapter in my life begun.

Out of curiosity I explored a few different paths, Reiki, meditation, RAW foods, a few self help courses and programs, EFT – Tapping and emotional eating to name a few. What I noticed was that people around me got inspired and was listen to what I had to say, and many actually had a positive change in their lives as a result.

I had been quite insecure during my life so far (despite some may claim the opposite) and it was a huge step for me to start feeling comfortable with the choices I was making in my life, and standing for, despite what others may say. So the idea to start my own business was born, and Dare To Be U saw the light of day shortly after. I didn’t really know the direction I wanted it to go in, but felt at that point there were many women and men out there who were not comfortable in being themselves, too caught up in the worlds view of what they should be like. The old “one size fits all”, that does not fit many at all in fact! So talking to people of what it meant to be “themselves” was the path I was veering towards at that stage.

Then, a couple of years ago now, I happened to stumble across something that had such a profound impact on my own life. So much that I intuitively knew this was the way forward for me.
What I had happened to see for myself was the understanding of the 3 Principles. I had never heard of it before, but learning more about it made complete sense, and the results spoke for themselves. It was such a drastic change to my own life as I seemed to have a much calmer mind and I was spending a lot more of my time in a much happier space. Things that would previously have upset me just didn’t seem to bother me that much, if at all, anymore.

Recently I graduated from Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy in LA as a Transformative Coach. I had been feeling for some time that Dare To Be U wasn’t really the right fit for me anymore.
It was like an old pair of jeans I had really loved, but just didn’t quite fit me any longer. I had changed and developed beyond what Dare To Be U stood for. So as I listened to my inner wisdom I saw it was time for a change. During a recent road trip I sat with a quiet mind, and suddenly I just saw something new and Inner Genius Coaching was born.

Inner Genius Coaching values the divine genius design of every human being. Whether as an individual you want to develop, improve or change, or for a Company to get better results.
At the end of the day, Companies are only as strong as their employees, and if the employees thrive, so will their performance which will result in more productivity and increased yield. Without sacrificing the well-being of the individuals in the process.

As we all have access to our own inner genius, our wisdom, at any given moment, we may at times struggle to see it. Especially when we are stuck in a low mood or our minds are occupied with thinking, stressful or not. Our most brilliant ideas tend to come to us when we are not really thinking about anything, when our minds are quiet.
Through a transformative conversation you and I can take a look in a new direction, where there is no need for the latest tools or techniques. We’ll look at where your own life experience is coming from, allow your busy mind to settle down and create space for new ideas to flow through.

Come along on an exploration, and gain access to your very own Inner Genius!

With love,

Veronica (Explorer and Transformative Coach)